Elaine Kelleher Gilleo

Consultant, Project Manager, and Web Developer in Fort Myers, Florida

Elaine Kelleher Gilleo

Consultant, Project Manager, and Web Developer in Fort Myers, Florida

In a nutshell about what I do:

2020 has presented us all with exciting yet challenging opportunities. For the past 35 plus years the real estate, home services, mortgage, title and insurance industries have undergone major milestones. Along with economies that fluctuate like the New England weather, there are always issues that present themselves to the leadership team. My focus is on helping companies not only solve these issues but to help them get to a better place and position for the future.

If you would like a complimentary consultation to exchange ideas on any of the following topics feel free to ping me back at 617-771-9778 or email me

Activity Accountability

Marketing and Development

Growth Strategy

CRM System to manage your leads

Mobile web applications to communicate with today's consumer = info on demand

Tying everything together to grow organically

Who I am: I am dedicated to my family, friends and career. I am the 5th sibling from a large, 2nd-gen Italian family with extended ties throughout New England with dots of family scattered throughout the US and Italy. I remarried 4 years ago to a wonderful man and the joy my 3 grown children, 2 Grown Step Children and my 8 (includes 2 sets of twins) grandchildren give me light up my face whenever I get to share time with them or speak about them to anyone who will listen LOL!

What I've Done: I began my career in the early 1980’s as a real estate agent & quickly moved into Sales Management due to my natural leadership abilities. Most parents do develop those skills but few take them into the workplace.

In the 1990’s my management capabilities moved me into a new direction as I held varying positions within the real estate industry. Franchise Sales, Management Consultant, Regional Vice President and Business Development VP Concurrently, I was also was very active in the REALTOR® organization having lead and chaired many local , state and national committees.

Other Philanthropic Endeavors: ECCF, My MBT,MDA, ES, NEF, SOI and in 2004 co-founded the Women’s Foundation of ECCF.

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